About Us

ST VTC was established on 9th February 2013 by StuartD, RyanB and OscarS, since then, it has grown to include over 500 active drivers.


ST VTC was originally inspired by the company Eddie Stobart and the Stobart Group, however in order to put our own spin on the company, we became ST.

We are a group of trucking enthusiasts who are able to truck whilst making great friends, Stobart is open to people from all around the world and we encourage diversity within our members.

From launch, ST grew at a slow rate, averaging around 2 people joining our team per week, however we have had substantial growth which allows us over 20 new recruits each week. These members that join are able to work their way up through our ranks, proving themselves while they keep track of all the loads they truck.

We have a custom VTC CMS, TruckNet, which allows users to completely track every step of their route and log it within our systems, this means friendly competitions are never far away.

About • ST Virtual Trucking Company