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Current Manager Leeh

Welcome to the Stobart Trucking - Energy Division!    The Energy Division was created on May 11th 2017, and is a result of a merge of the previous Rail and Biomass divisions of Stobart Trucking.       We consist of a bunch of people who share their passion and dedication for trucking together each day in the adventurous world of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. No matter how big the cargo is, or how twisty and narrow the roads we travel might be. If it is snowing, raining or in the middle of the night - we deliver our loads reliably to our customers.       Are you interested in joining the Energy division? Then we’ve got some great news for you, as we are currently searching for new, active members who are up for the challenge. This is what we are expecting from any interested player:       You should be able to drive a truck properly, as we are respecting the common road laws within our division     You should not have an active ban history on TruckersMP (exclusions may be made individually) You should love trucking and be able to have some good laughs going on while hitting the road with fellow VTC-drivers     You should be able to act at a mature and respectful level towards other drivers in Multiplayer (no matter if they are part of Stobart Trucking VTC or not)     No minimum playtime on Steam is required, however it may be useful if you are already familiar with the VTC’s TruckNet system and how to submit jobs correctly.       In case we got you interested in joining us, feel free to visit us on the VTC Discord channel any time  Everyone is always welcomed to go for a spontaneous drive with us, in case there is someone currently online.  For any further questions, please just drop our division managers The Med Man and Joshh806 a message.   We hope to see you on the road soon and keep on trucking!         Your Energy Division staff

Long Haul

Current Manager RubberDuck74

WELCOME TO LONG HAUL A division of Stobart Trucking VTC that was founded on December 10th 2014.         WHAT IS LONG HAUL This is the division for users who like to drive the longer jobs in ATS and ETS2. The LH division is for adults, mature drivers, and users who don’t like to jump from one VTC to another all the time. You will be expected to log some of your division jobs into Trucknet. At the very least we would like to see a couple of jobs per week (failure to do this could result in your termination from the division). We are a successful division, partly because we often drive together and talk to each other via Discord, Facebook, Steam etc.     APPLICATION RULES FOR THE LONG HAUL DIVISION **NOTE** After you have applied for the division a new “Division” box will become visible on the Job Submission page so that you can log jobs for the division. Before we can proceed with your application you must have met the following requirements :- - Have at least 10 jobs accepted on Trucknet. Also, you need to log at least 5 jobs as Long Haul jobs (once you have applied to join the division a new Division box will become available on the Job Submissions page). These will need to be accepted by the job reviewer to be valid. - Have driven at least 5000 miles (or 8000 kilometres) from logged jobs (this can be seen on your profile) - Has not caused any problems for the VTC. This includes (but is not restricted to) :- 1) acts of stupidity on multiplayer that results in ST members or other VTCs complaining about you, 2) public arguments with other users in game or on the STVTC forum, 3) causing problems (or messing about) in the Stobart Discord server You will also need to go for at least 1 drive/convoy with the Division Manager, Deputy or drivers of their choosing.  The division manager has the final decision on your division application.       DELIVERY RULES AS A LONG HAUL DRIVER  - Long Haul jobs are classed as deliveries (of any load) that have a driven distance above 500 miles (or 800 kilometres). If your driven miles/kilometres are lower than this then please log your job as Non-Division.  - As a Long Haul driver you would be expected to log some of your deliveries into Trucknet. Any division drivers that are classed as inactive on Trucknet may be asked to make themselves active as soon as possible or risk being removed from the division.  - Have a laugh with other drivers but don't take things too far. Please understand that there are drivers from all around the world and everybody has different beliefs and a different sense of humour.  - Stick to the rules of the road as much as possible and do not cause problems for other users in the game **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT**     Division Manager - [ST-LH] Alchemist0  (also known as [ST-LH] Chris) Division Deputy - [ST-LH] Rubber Duck  

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