Press Release - Recent Attacks
Published by: StuartD - 10/02/15

Dear members of the Stobart Trucking community, For the past week you may have noticed that our services have either been slow or completely offline, we were the target of a series of attacks aimed at both the website and myself. We are currently aware of who was conducting the attacks and they have since ceased their actions, luckily we were able to restore our service and counter their attacks on our services. By targeting our webserver, which was running apache, they were able to freeze the entire server by flooding the connections. The Stobart Trucking community team and I were able to restore the server, change the web server and also to block their attacks however this was after around 48 hours of downtime. Your data was and still is safe, none of our systems were accessed. We are happy to announce though that everything has been restored and as mentioned we have blocked the specific way that they were conducting their attacks. We would like to apologise for the downtime that has occurred and we aim to have little to no downtime in the future. We would like to thank everyone for all the support you’ve given us over the past week and are happy that you’ve chosen to stick with us. StuartD. Stobart Trucking VTC Management / TS3 -

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