Store System Implementation
Published by: StuartD - 15/03/15

Hello Stobart Community members, I am happy to announce the newest addition to both the website and the community, the Store. With this new update we have reset everyones wallet values however we will be crediting a set amount for each job you have completed for Stobart regardless of the total profit made, you will receive this by the end of the week. What is the store? The store is basically like going into a shop, you use the points gathered from submitting a job and then can use this to exchange for different items available in the store such as DLC and Game Keys. These will be the primary items within the store. What are points? Whenever you submit a job you will be given a specific amount of the profits from that job as your paycheck. This amount will be added to your wallet that can be used to exchange for the keys and such. Can I exchange the wallet for IRL money? No, TruckNet Points have no monetry value. Can I buy more TruckNet Points? At this moment in time you cannot purchase TruckNet Points, the only way to get them would be submitting jobs and being active. What sort of stuff will be in the store? You will see there are different keys available. You may also find that the keys are different prices for the same items, this purely depends on when they are added. Who decides the prices? Prices for items in the store will be set automatically by the system, this will generate the appropriate amount depending on the total of the users wallets. Can I share wallet amounts with my friends? No, At the moment TruckNet points are non transferable. What if my key doesn't work? Once a key has been added to the system the only person it will be activated by will be you, on the odd chance that the key doesn't work we ask that you email our support team. [email protected]. You will be explained the process there. If I have any questions, who can I ask? In order to get the fastest response we ask that you email our support team - [email protected]. We hope that you will find this a great addon to the community. Any issues don't hesitate to let me know. StuartD!

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