PSA: Downtime Information
Published by: StuartD - 13/10/16

UPDATE: The forum has now been restored and you can read more about the issue here:


Dear Community,

I wanted to chat a little bit about the downtime that's happened over the past 24 hours and the continued downtime of the forums.

At around 23:00GMT (12/10/2016) I was made aware of an issue with the website and forums. At this point the cause of the issue was unknown. I have taken full backups of everything to ensure that no data was lost, which it hasn't been and I am happy to report that the TruckNet & the main ST site have been restored.

Unfortunately at this time the forums have been disabled. I am in contact with Invision Power (the providers for the forum software) and I believe we will have the forums back within the next few days. If not I will look into possible solutions including migrating our current forum database (including all posts / users) into another system such as MyBB or SMF and using that however that is the final straw.

I'd like to reassure you that everything has been securely backed up and your data is safe.

Whilst the forums are down please feel free to connect with other members of the community through our Teamspeak 3 server -

Kind Regards & Happy Trucking



If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

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