Cloudflare Security Flaw
Published by: - 26/02/17

Dear Truckers!

As you may have seen around the internet and various different sites, Cloudflare, a service which provides various protections for thousands of different websites recently published an article stating that there was a small bug with some of the code on their end. 

This bug, although small, released small bits of secure information in random requests to users; from what I have read so far, it appears as though the bug was not actually exploited by anyone and has been fixed by Cloudflare. 

You can read more about the report here:

Now, I have received in email from Cloudflare stating that none of the websites I have on their service have been affected, this includes the domain, however it's always worth updating your password to ensure that your account stays secure!

This is not an issue with your TruckNet account nor have any of the services been compromised from the TruckNet side, it's purely through Cloudflare, and as mentioned above the flaw has been fixed.

Thanks for reading & stay safe on the internet!


Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding this PSA. - [email protected]

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