Updates, Updates, Updates!
Published by: StuartD - 28/07/14

As you may have seen a new website has been released, this announcement is a bit late I know but I feel it is time to explain a few updates that have occured!IntroductionRecently we have had a huge facelift, improving both the internal and external workings of the VTC, from improving staff training to increase the amount of jobs that get accepted ( We're getting better at that ;D ) and to also make the entire site have a constant theme and flow to it. The new update has come with many extra features for our TruckNet build, version 3.0 to be precise, these are detailed below.TruckNet UpdateThis is one of the most obvious updates you would've seen, the new version of TruckNet features things that we have found via our feedback meetings with users that are active on our teamspeak 3, including a useful function to set your default currency and distance measurements, you no longer have to convert your own distance! We have also added a large amount of new locations to the job points including ProMods, remember if there is a mod you wish to get added, drop the list of new cities the mod adds along with the mod name to my private messages either on TruckNet or the ETS2MP forums. Also, we have improved the selection of live signatures, with more planned, making it even easier to make yourself stand out of different forums and websites you wish to share it on, we are hoping to have a customisation booth in the near future where you can create your own personal live signatures, selecting what is shown and what is not!StaffingI have taken the staff onto a small training course, teaching them the new systems, this also means that all of the staff now know how to accept the jobs, so hopefully no more long hours of waiting for the job you submitted to be accepted, we aim to have each job accept within 3 hours of it being submitted, however this will hopefully improve in the future!San Andreas Trucking - SAMPYou may have seen on a few seperate occasions that I've mentioned San Andreas Trucking or San Andreas Multiplayer, we are hoping to enlarge our community from ETS2 and ETS2MP to the large multiplayer mod of SA-MP ( This will hopefully allow us to expand and make a larger community of gamers who all have one similarity, trucking! It ofcourse will be primarily trucking however will allow for extra things on top, more will be revealed soon!ModificationsThey're here. After a long time, we finally have a small mod pack for you guys to use! So far we have the Scania and the Volvo. It's a slow start but soon our fleet will grow to cover a larger amount of trucking mods! We also do have a Trailer Skin package that will be a seperate download. All the mods will be available within your TruckNet Dashboard and we ask for them not to be released to non Stobart Trucking members. Here are a few sneak peaks:Thank you for reading our latest news updates! Happy Trucking!StuartD.

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