Regulations Update
Published by: Lewis2212 - 30/07/14

IntroductionStobart Trucking VTC is expanding at a fast rate, in order to ensure everything is kept fair and functional a set of regulations that all members are expected to follow is required.What is the 3 tier strike punishment?We operate on a 3 tier strike system, if your action is not severe enough to warrant an immediate service ban, you will receive a verbal warning from a member of staff. If the action is continued after this verbal warning is issued you will be kicked from the server, this is your second and final warning. If the action is continued after the kick you will receive a temporary ban from the service.General Traffic RegulationsSpeed Limiter We advise that you use the speed limiter whilst driving on single player and or multiplayer, this is to avoid issues with over speeding and ensure truck damage is kept to a minimum.Traffic Lights Please ensure you stop at all red traffic lights and only continue when the traffic light is green and it is safe to proceed.Road Safety Please ensure you stay on the correct side of the road, UK being left, European being right. This is to avoid any collisions and disruptions. You may cross onto the opposite side of the road when safely overtaking, however this can only be done on broken white lines. Collisions You should never purposely collide with another truck or other vehicle whilst on single player or multiplayer.Changing Lanes When changing lanes, check all blind spots and only manoeuvre when it is safe to do so at an appropriate speed. Signalling Make sure you always use your indicators. This is in all cases, whether you are turning, changing lanes or going round the roundabout. TeamSpeak RulesRespecting Users This includes and is not limited to any form of bullying or racism, directly insulting other users, using excessive profanity.- 3 strike tier punishment.Microphone Usage We advise that users have use Push to Talk, this is to prevent open microphones.- Forced push to talk within the channel.Advertisement This includes but is not limited to any form of advertisement for communities and or servers that are not part of the Stobart Trucking VTC community.- Permanent Ban.Spamming and Flooding This includes but is not limited to channel hopping, spamming the poke feature, spamming the chats.- 3 strike tier punishment.Inappropriate Content This includes but is not limited to sharing or posting sexual, inappropriate or pornographic content, the sharing of links, pictures and or videos of explicit material, illegal warez and or torrents or any thing that is considered illegal under the European Law.- Permanent BanImpersonation This includes but is not limited changing your name in order to cause disturbance, impersonating a staff member or another user.- 3 strike tier punishment.Nicknames Nicknames cannot in any way be offensive or explicit this includes all implications associated with words used within the nicknames.- 3 strike tier punishmentTruckNet Rules Job Completion Please ensure the job you are submitting has been completed prior to the submission to our servers, we advise you take note of the information during your job to ensure that nothing will be lost if your current session within TruckNet expires.Incorrect Information This includes but is not limited to submitting false information to the TruckNet submission system in order to cheat and or falsely increase your statistics, submitting false reports about members of staff and or other drivers. Any drivers that are not part of Stobart Trucking are not our responsibility.- Account Suspension.Account Access Your account is your responsibility. Attempting to or gaining access to another account without permission is strictly forbidden and will result in the termination of your account and the temporary restriction to the other users account while a new password is sent to the users account.- Permanent Ban.Multiple VTCs In order for jobs to be submitted and our statistics to be taken into account correctly we are only allowing our drivers to be part of one VTC, Stobart. If you wish to leave us to join another VTC we ask that you close your TruckNet Accounts.- Permanent Ban.Last updated: 30th July 2014 at 23:11

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