Published by: StuartD - 27/09/14

Hello fellow ST peoples! Today I'm here to explain a few new updates to the TruckNet system. Although updates take me a while when they come they're pretty cool. Firstly, I've implemented a system to get your jobs accepted faster, I don't want to go into too much detail to avoid users trying to trick the system but it will check your jobs for specific things before either accepting it automatically or placing it as pending for a member of our Duty Staff team to look at. From first looks it seems to be running smoothly and everything looks to be going well, it will be tweaked though just to ensure everything is perfect! Division system! This is something that everyone has been wanting for a while and I've only really just got around to doing it. Basically you will be able to read through the divisions, select your division and join, once accepted by the division manager you will be able to submit jobs for those divisions that will be counted towards their statistics, this should drum up some competition between the divisions. We will be opening up the floor for other users to create divisions so we can have a wider range of different groups but that is something coming in the near future. Events? Got something planned and you want to show everyone, you will be able to create and plan events, it is going to be a system similar to the convoys for ETS2 however it will have multiple other features and will only be available for Stobart members. IP Banning, it's come to my attention that we're having a part of our userbase that have been attempting to create both multiple accounts and attempting to both troll and break our systems we have inplace. As a result I've been forced to add more security in place which include IP banning, over the next few weeks there will be more and more IPs being banned from the Stobart Site. This will include both naughty users and VPNs to ensure that when you're banned, you're banned. Finally I'd like to thank you all for staying with Stobart, we've hit 2500 users and we have over 200 active accounts (Users who've submitted jobs in the last 20 days), this is honestly great and I didn't think we'd ever be this huge when I first created the VTC, so again thank you! Happy Trucking! StuartD.

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